The Meaning of Home

Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is where the heart is. Or so the saying goes.

On a philosophical level, I certainly agree with this statement. If one is truely connected to ones inner (and true) self, then ‘home,’ as a place that can be identified by its feeling of belonging, comfort and security, should certainly be contained within the heart… within self.

For those of us who find ourselves existing on a lower order of consciousness and awareness, home is intrinsically wrapped up in the physical expressions of these sensations of belonging, comfort and security and thus exist in a state of attachment to an actual locale, whether it be a particular house, a neighborhood, under your mother’s bed etc. etc. And yes, yes, yes… I know being attached to physical things or even people is indicative of an unhealthy relationship… So shoot me, I’m human.

And therein lies my conundrum. I like to think of myself as being a rather conscious, sensitive, self-aware being but each time I am put to the test, each and every time I return to Israel, which in all practical rights is my new ‘home’, I am left with this weird sensation of the conflict between the knowledge of being home without the feeling that I think should accompany that knowledge. I think this realization (which has only really become clear to me in my most recent return this month – before which it was all insane emotional drama) is a big one, and I know there is something more to it… But I can’t quite put my finger on what that is…

Wondering if there are any other expats or otherwise enlightened people out there who might be able to throw some light on this topic. Or perhaps it is an emotional path that can only be resolved with time… Who knows? Certainly not me.


4 thoughts on “The Meaning of Home

  1. Home became home to us as children, because of the # of years/time that we logged living in a certain house, having certain traditions, being with certain people. It’s based, to some degree, on repetition, certainly in the sense of positive repeition (vs. negative, although is certainly powerful in it’s own right).

    This will become home for you, of this I am certain. There are some things which can speed up the reality of this being home, and that is establishing traditions here, with people here, in a home here.

    • I agree with your perspective on the importance of tradition in facilitating the otherwise rather esoteric process of home-making. I hope to come to identify more with the traditions of the land, and create my own as I come to be more rooted here. Thanks for weighing in Ang.

  2. I have struggled with this for many years… but what I am finding is that it’s about establishing tradition (as Angela said) and a sense of community. We all chase our childhood memories as adults, that is what brings us comfort and a strong sense of familiarity and grounding. As a child, I always had a strong attachment to schools — it was the place where I felt most serene for some reason. I struggled a lot with my sense of where ‘home’ is, until I found my nesting spot…. guess where I’ve spent the last 8 years of my life? At a University — both studying and working.

    I think the fact that you are pursuing dance in Israel so actively is a good indication that you are on an excellent track… but trust me, it takes time. What you will find is that slowly, but surely, you will feel this ‘sense’ of home at the oddest of times. It will be something as simple as you stretching before your dance class… or the way the sun beams hit your face in the morning as you are having your coffee. The moment will be quick, but it will be strong… and the only person that will understand it will be you… and that is the point when you will find the true meaning of “Home is where the heart is.”

    You have just taken a very important step in your life… and you are about to create a very strong sense of attachment to Israel. Another point that I think is worth mentioning is that we are both at the age where we are starting to create our own family units… Moms and Dads are no longer as active in our daily lives… we are slowly taking on the responsibility of establishing our own traditions and maintaining those that we grew up with. This is a tricky period in anyones life.. whether they lives 5 minutes or thousands of miles away from their family home.

    Allow yourself to feel and allow yourself perspective. Time will reveal the rest. If your heart can’t ever find comfort, then listen to it… but I trust that it will.

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