The Things I Miss Most

I’ve been rocking the homesickness as of late. No big surprise. These feelings of longing for my birthplace usually set in after about 6 months of being away. So according to this internalized clock, I’m right on time.

What are the things I miss most? I love a good list, so here goes:

(in the order of my random mind wanderings)

  • watching hours of mindless crime drama on the big screen with my little sister
  • having dinner/movie dates with my dad
  • everything that my mom cooks
  • being 45 minutes away (or less) from a totally kickass modern urban center
  • the Toronto bellydance community
  • Starbucks, especially their ridiculously high-calorie seasonal lattes
  • sleepovers with my bestie
  • snow (wrong season, I know)
  • Shields Family BBQs
  • guitar jams in the den with my siblings
  • suburban grocery monoliths – wasteful? probably. but it is SO convenient and deeply satisfying to be able to buy tempeh, a 1 kg block of old chedder and natural window cleaner all in one place… and the aisles! the aisles!! so WIDE!
  • drinking red wine, eating chocolate and stinky cheese late into the night with raucous, awesome femfolk
  • seafood… what I wouldn’t do for a fresh crustacean right now
  • trees… especially when there are lots of them together. Israeli forests leave something to be desired
  • going on special dates with Mom
  • seeing films in theatres
  • easy access to books in English
  • the family hang
  • my bike

In the interest of time, space, attention span and not becoming completely self-indulgent, I will conclude here.

Any expats out there who are feeling lonely for home stuffs, feel free to chime in. Strength in longing.