The Things I Miss Most

I’ve been rocking the homesickness as of late. No big surprise. These feelings of longing for my birthplace usually set in after about 6 months of being away. So according to this internalized clock, I’m right on time.

What are the things I miss most? I love a good list, so here goes:

(in the order of my random mind wanderings)

  • watching hours of mindless crime drama on the big screen with my little sister
  • having dinner/movie dates with my dad
  • everything that my mom cooks
  • being 45 minutes away (or less) from a totally kickass modern urban center
  • the Toronto bellydance community
  • Starbucks, especially their ridiculously high-calorie seasonal lattes
  • sleepovers with my bestie
  • snow (wrong season, I know)
  • Shields Family BBQs
  • guitar jams in the den with my siblings
  • suburban grocery monoliths – wasteful? probably. but it is SO convenient and deeply satisfying to be able to buy tempeh, a 1 kg block of old chedder and natural window cleaner all in one place… and the aisles! the aisles!! so WIDE!
  • drinking red wine, eating chocolate and stinky cheese late into the night with raucous, awesome femfolk
  • seafood… what I wouldn’t do for a fresh crustacean right now
  • trees… especially when there are lots of them together. Israeli forests leave something to be desired
  • going on special dates with Mom
  • seeing films in theatres
  • easy access to books in English
  • the family hang
  • my bike

In the interest of time, space, attention span and not becoming completely self-indulgent, I will conclude here.

Any expats out there who are feeling lonely for home stuffs, feel free to chime in. Strength in longing.


10 thoughts on “The Things I Miss Most

  1. I miss the grocery stores too, probably more than anything else! The conveniences you get used to back home and then don’t have when you move away…awful! I end up going to three different stores to do shopping and still don’t get exactly what I want 😦 I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that!

    • I SO know what you mean Katie. I’m told that in Tel Aviv there are grocery stores with every imaginable product available. Frankly, I can’t help to think that they probably have NOTHING on Wegman’s and I’ll believe it when I see it 🙂

  2. I can vouch for the Tel-Aviv grocery stores — they really do have everything under the sun.

    I think you know this, but the nostalgia will never stop rocking — it will become sweeter, at times it will be frustrating. Either way, minus the family and obvious things specific to here, you’ll find your niche there too…to the point that if you ever leave it, the nostalgia will hit in reverse. We are creatures that love habits and repetition… enjoy living ‘outside’ the box, it’s a true blessing.

    Plus…. you have a MAJOR event coming your way that will surely forever imprint Israel in the sweetest place of your heart.

    • Really? They do? That’s good to hear, because if the grocery stores in Tiberias were meant to be an indicator of Israeli purchasing trends, it would be a pretty bland reflection on eating habits (ie. staples only).

      You’re right about the patterns of human nature, and the inherently comforting aspect of routine. And I do have my routines here too, which are also comforting. Just in a different way, I guess.

      In my first blog post, Angela commented that the home away from home will start validly feeling more like home once you enter your own kids into the picture. I’ve heard this from a lot of people, and I hope it rings true for me. While I would say that I do feel comfortable (more or less) here now, I wouldn’t say that I feel ‘at home.’ Only time will tell, I suppose!

  3. The things I miss from home…

    -Readily available bakeries that serve the most delicious savoury breakfast pastries.
    -Ice cream — it doesn’t feel the same in N. America
    – running into people that know me from when I was a child
    – Passing by my elementary school

  4. Now you’ve got me missing Wegmans. And chocolate almond custard at Don’s Original. The ferocious nasality of the Upstate New York accent. Having southern-fried rock, Motown and hard rock be the music that plays EVERYWHERE (no, that’s not just about my youth; remember the ribfest in downtown Roch, Meggie?). Living among staunch Republicans for whom dressing in Lily Pulitzer dresses and Pappagallo shoes is cutting edge fashion (OK, maybe a bit of a nasty edge on that desire). Probably my greatest longing is to live in a place where the U.S. is not perceived to be the worst thing wrong in the world, and people feel some compunction about painting every single American with the brush of criticism for specific economic and political policies.

    And if I were there, I would miss the cosmopolitan Toronto environs, decent healthcare, standard of living, and noticeable lack of firearms. Also polite queuing, and NOT living in a major terrorism target. Also seeing fewer morbidly obese people. I could go on.

    I’m conflicted; a little trip to Israel will clear my head just fine.

    • Now I have me missing Wegmans too!

      The U.S. is not the worst thing wrong in the world by a long-shot… Just had some questionable leadership in recent years. I always defend the American people when Canadians, or others, go on the anti-American warpath. Firstly, because I’m half American and feel some responsibility to stand up for my heritage, and also because people everywhere in the world are basically the same. We all just want a little security, to feel that we have a place in the world and to be afforded some comfort in life. And none of those things are evil.

      I guess at the same time, as humans we’re always looking to be more comfortable, more secure and for this reason we long for the things and places that created these sensations for us in the past.

      Curiouser and Curiouser.

      And yes, you do need to make a trip to Israel. Nothing clears the head like a Mediterranean vacation!

  5. yep, I can agree with all you wrote! the forests here definitely leave me wanting more… and i miss polite drivers, too! the drivers here never cease to amaze and disappoint me!

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