Living Simplicity

It’s the simple things in life that leave the deepest impressions. This is what I find to be true anyways, 9 times out of 10.

The smell of the flowers at dawn and dusk, their scent perfuming the air signaling the start or end of another day.

The chorus of a favorite song from childhood, bringing back a flood of memories and mental images you could almost reach out and touch.

The kick of an unborn child, reminding  you that you are not alone and that life is both in and around you always.

The magnificence of baking bread, smelling the activated yeast, watching the dough rise and fall, and the satisfaction of tasting that first steaming slice fresh out of the oven.

These are the things, simple as they are, that remind me how alive I am and bring me deep joy and contentment every time.

In the age of constant communication, instant information, a shrinking globe and rapidly expanding consciousness, sometimes it can be important to come back to the intrinsic simplicity that life offers, at every moment, at every turn if you’re only just open to it.

Where does your source of simple joy stem from?




One thought on “Living Simplicity

  1. My favourite (new) moment of simplicity which brings a tonne of relaxation and pleasure is letting my dog lead me where he wants to go, for however long he wants. I can walk for hours around the city with no end point, rushing or thinking. It’s relaxing, and quiet amazing to follow an animal’s instinct… He always leads us home somehow. Weird, but it works 🙂

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