Christmas Crafting: A Festive Grove

Ok! As promised, I am dutifully updating ye olde blog with a blow-by-blow account of how I am getting my Christmas groove on here in Israel a.k.a. the Land-of-No-Christmas.

My first step was going out and procuring some supplies to help me in my festive endeavors, such as copious amounts of wooden craft sticks, glue, spray paint, gold glitter and anything even remotely Christmas-related that I could lay my hands on at our local dollar store. This step being completed, I began my crafting foray on December 1st, after having gotten sufficiently into the Christmas spirit with some Charlie Brown Christmas in the morning and watching The Nutcracker with my one-month old. Needless to say, he loved  it.

So, here is project number one! If you live in a more Christmas-friendly environment, or have general access to better crafting supplies that a dollar store can provide, you can simply follow the instructions provided by the ever-helpful Better Homes & Gardens (the source of inspiration for many of my Christmas crafts).

Otherwise, follow my improvised version below, or get crafty yourself and think up your own way to make a little festive grove 🙂

Supplies Needed

  • Bristol board (I chose green due to lack of white or cream, but use your discretion)
  • fabrics (if you have nice scraps on hand, this will work nicely)
  • scissors
  • glue (I used all-purpose craft glue. A glue gun would likely make for much less work and drying time)
  • beads (large enough to glue on top of trees)
  • old newspaper for working on
  • a variety of circular shaped objects (dishes work well!) in various sizes


1. Trace a variety of different sized circles onto the Bristol board and cut them out with the scissors.

2. Cut each of the circles in half.


3. Take one of the half circles and place it on the fabric. Cut the fabric to fit it, being sure to leave a small surplus on the flat side for gluing.

4. Fold up the surplus fabric on the flat side of the half circle, and secure it to the Bristol board with glue.

5. After the glue has dried sufficiently, roll the half circle, fabric side facing out, to form a tree-shaped cone. (Note: I rolled mine quite tightly to get the tall and narrow effect).

6. Apply glue on the inside of the outer lip to secure the cone shape. (Note: using a wooden craft stick helps to apply even pressure to the length of the cone while glue is drying).

7. Apply glue to top of the cone, and place a bead in the color of your choice.

8. Repeat the process as many times as you like, with various sized half circles to create a Christmas grove.

Voila! Finished product:

Not sure how durable these will be, but I know I will enjoy mine this season at least 🙂



4 thoughts on “Christmas Crafting: A Festive Grove

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  2. Excellent! I tried to do these two years ago and failed miserably, well they stood up and lasted, but were ugly and mishapen. Now I have a good tutorial, yeah, I usually need one of those to do the most simplest of crafts. Thanks.


    • Hi Kate! Thanks for your supportive feedback. This project was also very much a trial-and-error experiment for me. The first one I made, I used a series of consecutively smaller cones to rest one on the other (appears in the finished product photo, the tallest tree). I closed each cone with tape and then wrapped the whole thing in fabric at the end (once it was already cone-shaped). Getting the fabric to fit when the base was already finished was really annoying! This one took me more than an hour, and was not easy and flowing at all! But, the mistakes and the learning process is part of the fun in the end 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Sounds like a lot of hard work and time. I would have tried to make something work for an hour as well. Now I try to get really good directions, if at all possible, because I need them. Again, thanks for sharing.


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