Christmas in the Land-of-No-Christmas

It is truly ironic to me that in Israel, the Holy Land, the birthplace of the Big JC, Christmas comes and goes just like any other ordinary day. There is no month-long consumer gorge-fest, no obnoxious Musac playing in every public establishment, no eggnog, no Santa Claus and no Baby Jesus. And snow is just completely out of the question.

For a great lover of secular Christmas such as myself, this is a rather depressing irony and one that I hope to remedy by seeking out the Christmas havens, the nooks of crannies of holiday cheer that do prevail in this predominantly Judaic environment.

Over the course of the coming month, I will be blogging about how I am bringing Christmas back, to my little corner of Jewish suburbia anyhow. Props to the Christians in Nazareth, Bethlehem, and other Arab communities around the country who have been keeping the Christmas-love alive for… well, a really long time.

I will seek out Christmas going-ons where they can be found, adapt traditional iconic Christmas decor to my current climate (Christmas palm tree?) get crafty and create what cannot be bought, and get my bake on like never before (how this last item will be harmonically balanced with losing my baby fat, no one knows 🙂

Stay tuned for twenty days of Christmas tidings, from the Land-of-No-Christmas!

Arab IDF Soldier, keeping it real for Christmas


5 thoughts on “Christmas in the Land-of-No-Christmas

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