Christmas Crafting: Wooden Snowflakes

I’ve been busy over here creating festive spirit and finally have nap-time coinciding with ability-to-get-on-the-computer-time. So, yallah blog!

Snow is one of my very most favorite parts of Christmas. Canada is a good place to enjoy the white fluffy stuff. Israel, not so much.

SO, I am making snowflakes from a variety of materials to make myself feel a little more at home this Christmas. First off, snowflakes made from wooden craft sticks.

This Christmas craft caught my eye on the Better Homes & Garden website one day while I was trolling for easy craft ideas. They suggested using the finished product as a wreath for the door, or making enough to use for a garland effect on the banister. I think I will be hanging mine using fishing line on the wall, but basically the sky is the limit (or the extent of your imagination, actually) in terms of what you use these for. Bottom line, they’re cute, they’re easy to make and that’s good enough for me.

Supplies Needed:

  • wooden craft sticks of various sizes
  • wooden craft shapes in triangles and squares (I didn’t actually find any of these, but if you can they’ll certainly look nice)
  • glue gun (every crafters best friend! You can totally use regular craft glue, it’ll just take a loooong ass time. Believe me. I tried.)
  • white spray paint (or gold or silver, if you’re feeling fancy)
  • ribbon or fishing line (for hanging)
  • scissors


1. Start by planning roughly what kind of shape you’d like to make, and which sizes of craft sticks you’ll be using. Glue gun glue doesn’t give you a whole lot of time for making artistic decisions along the way, so best to have it more or less planned out ahead of time. Remember: symmetry!

2. Begin by gluing the base of the snowflake.

3. Work outwards, filling in the base with smaller craft sticks.

4. Finish off with the smallest, most delicate features using the existing shape as a guide for symmetrical placement.

5. Let the glue dry completely.

6. Spray paint in whichever color you desire (Note: If painting outdoors – recommended! – be sure not to stand downwind of the paint… and wear old clothes, just in case).

7. Let paint dry completely in a well ventilated area.

8. Attach ribbon or fishing line with a dab of glue.

Voila! Finished product:

This craft was a wee bit time consuming, but was a lot of fun and I hope they will be durable and worth the initial investment of time.



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