Christmas Crafting: Golden Garland

Ok! The countdown is ON! Five days until Christmas! But no pressure or anything….

I’ve been super busy being fundamentally festive here in the Land-of-No-Christmas, and feeling more and more like perhaps this category is not so fitting after all.

Last week I had the true pleasure of visiting Nazareth for the first time (why was it my first time, having lived an hour away for the past three years?!) a city which boasts Israel’s largest Christian population, and where Christmas is alive and doing quite well, thank you very much. During this Yuletide excursion, I acquired a lovely Christmas tree with all of the trimmings, and it is now displayed in my living nook (the corridor which doubles as a mini-salon). It brings me great joy every time I pass by 🙂

During this trip, I also got to see my hubby perform as part of a Christmas concert for thousands of people in front of the Greek Orthodox Church in the Old City. Very cool to hear ‘Silent Night’ in Arabic. It was definitely an experience to remember, and was a wonderful reminder that Christmas spirit lives everywhere, even in Israel.

As for my Christmas crafting, I have been busy, busy, busy but with not enough time for blogging. But, going to remedy this right now!

This craft is a classic, and I think every kindergarten student has probably made one. It is simple, involves very rudimentary supplies and can be made with help from little hands, should they be availing.

Supplies Needed:

  • colored paper (I used a sheet of fancy, shiny gold paper for one garland and green Bristol board and red ribbon for the other. Construction paper works just fine though)
  • scissors
  • ruler (for measuring and creating straight lines for cutting)
  • pen for marking lines for cutting
  • glue (I love my glue gun, but if little hands are involved white glue, a gluestick or craft glue works well)


This craft is best done the industrial way, in parts!

1. Mark sheet(s) of paper with lines, 1 1/2 inch apart, for cutting.

2. Cut long strips.

3. Cut long strips into short 6 inch sections.

4. Roll short section into a loop, and apply glue at the end to secure.

5. Insert another short section of paper into the previous loop, and repeat Step 4 to create a chain.

6. Repeat the process until you have a garland of desired length.

The finished product:

Thanks to my girl Tamara for helping out with this craft! Here’s what she created:

This is a simple craft, great for families and easy on the budget. Enjoy!


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