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One of the reasons I love reading blogs is that sometimes you get hooked onto GREAT things that you otherwise would have gone about the rest of your life with no inkling of their mere existence.

I recently read a post by one of the WordPress blogs that I follow called Birth Junkie. The blogger highly recommended checking out a podcast called The Tribecast. And now I must do the same.

The women of this broadcast basically affirm all of the feelings that I have surrounding birth – they are vocal proponents of natural, midwife-assisted birthing (I think like 80% of the women are doulas or birth workers in other capacities) and they have the knowledge to back their opinions up. They are a tight-knit tribe of impassioned, intelligent women talking about the beauty and power of birthing and motherhood – what’s not to love?

I highly recommend tuning in and giving it a try. You might learn a thing or two. Beware: some episodes are real tear-jerkers, so have a tissue on hand.

If you love it, spread the word! These women are doing a great service in sharing the love and light concerning birth ( a message I hold dearly close to heart) and other women out there need to hear it. Fighting the good fight, one podcast at a time.



Sports officianato Pat Shields always give an interesting popular perspective concerning the goings-ons in pro sports of all types. He’s also blood of my blood ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here’s an exciting blog about his recent run-in with an NHL-er. Very cool!

PShields Sports

I must say, inspiration was not too hard to come by to write this piece. Going through security at the Pearson Airport, I couldnโ€™t help but look over and see a man who is thicker than I am tall, and who I instantly identified as NHL-er Shane Doan. Yes, the one and only Shane Doan, in the flesh (you should be very jealous).

After chatting with him for a few seconds I realized that he had a Philadelphia Flyers duffel bag, so naturally, being a die-hard Flyers fan, I simply had to inquire. Unfortunately, he told me that the bag was his sonโ€™s, but nonetheless I told him that he would look awfully good in Orange and Black (better than most).

This star-sighting, aside from nearly giving me a heart attack from excitement, is also interesting because Doanโ€™s whereabouts for next season is a hot topic right now in theโ€ฆ

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