Sports officianato Pat Shields always give an interesting popular perspective concerning the goings-ons in pro sports of all types. He’s also blood of my blood 😉 Here’s an exciting blog about his recent run-in with an NHL-er. Very cool!

PShields Sports

I must say, inspiration was not too hard to come by to write this piece. Going through security at the Pearson Airport, I couldn’t help but look over and see a man who is thicker than I am tall, and who I instantly identified as NHL-er Shane Doan. Yes, the one and only Shane Doan, in the flesh (you should be very jealous).

After chatting with him for a few seconds I realized that he had a Philadelphia Flyers duffel bag, so naturally, being a die-hard Flyers fan, I simply had to inquire. Unfortunately, he told me that the bag was his son’s, but nonetheless I told him that he would look awfully good in Orange and Black (better than most).

This star-sighting, aside from nearly giving me a heart attack from excitement, is also interesting because Doan’s whereabouts for next season is a hot topic right now in the…

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