Get out of my head! 

  I feel my otherwise optimistic world view being slowly crushed, especially after the recent waves of violence. What with the recent stabbings and acts of vehicular murder in Israel and then the international incidents of terrorism in Bahgdad, Beirut and Paris, this little bleeding heart has had about enough.  

 The other night driving home, I saw a shooting star, right in my path of vision. The wonder and awe of interstellar magic happening before my eyes! Instead of being like, “oh wow! What a beautiful coincidence that this beautiful natural display happened just as I was looking!” my first thought was “oh shit!!! Is that a rocket?!? It was headed right for our kibbutz! Should I call Yotam? Tell him to get him and the kids to the bomb shelter???” A few moments of silence and darkness led me to realize that it had just been a beautiful shooting star… That nearly gave me a heart attack! Sadly, this is not the first time this has happened. 
Those fuckers have gotten transmitted by media through their terrorist acts, directly under my skin. Into my head. Into my heart.  

Terrorism: the most effective modern tool of persuasion.